My home made POV image drawing poi based on a Teensy 3.2

Orbit Poi

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LED Snake

A game of snake using an Adafruit Neopixel shield and an ESP8266. The controller is a website which is hosted on the ESP and communicates to the board via WebSockets

Blinky Blinky

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Dino Game

My in-progress version of the Google dino game written in JavaScript

My custom made sound reactive WiFi 10x10 LED grid using an ESP8266

LED Matrix

Coming Soon

A project where I made some high powered wireless LEDs and a controller using Arduino Nanos with NRF204L01+


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An experiment I made when starting out with JavaScript. Boxes are drawn in a 3d space which can be moved around

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All Fall Down

A canvas game where with the goal of reaching the bottom while avoiding objects